Auto Glass Replacement Safety

It’s Not About The Glass!
Really. A safe auto glass replacement actually has very little to do with the glass.
There are a number of ways a glass shop can cut corners and save you a few dollars on your windshield replacement. Why bother cleaning up that old adhesive? No sense worrying about any damage done to the frame of your vehicle. Once installed, a little gap or bubble in the adhesive is no big deal. Your adhesive is not completely cured? Oh well. Let’s put
some tape on it and let you drive it away. It will eventually cure.

Is it really worth risking your safety to save a few dollars on your windshield replacement? These corners that get cut to give you that lower price include overlooking or ignoring basic windshield replacement safety steps. At Elite Auto Glass, there will never be anything more important than the well-being of our customers and will do everything we can to ensure each glass replacement is done to our exacting standards and will last for years to come.

Here’s what goes into a typical windshield replacement at Elite Auto Glass:
  1. Completely remove all old adhesive from the vehicle frame - This ensures a good bond between the new adhesive and the vehicle frame and also ensures that any pre-existing damage to the frame is not overlooked.
  2. Thoroughly inspect the vehicle frame for damage such as corrosion, rust, cracks, or flex - Damage to the vehicle frame will eventually affect your new windshield and can lead to all sorts of problems with the windshield and the front interior of the vehicle.
  3. Double-check the frame for damage, pieces of old molding, left over adhesive, and other debris - To further guarantee your new windshield is as safe as it possibly can be, our technicians always double-check for anything that may affect the integrity of your new windshield.
  4. Use only quality glass and adhesive products. This ensures the proper fit and allows the windshield to function as originally intended.
  5. Once applied, the bead of new adhesive is checked for gaps and bubbles - Any break in the bead of windshield adhesive could damage your new windshield which could lead to a break, stress crack, wind noise, and/or water leak.
  6. Ensure adhesive is properly cured before releasing the vehicle. To allow a vehicle into the elements before the adhesive is cured allows the opportunity for foreign substances (insects, dirt, dust etc.) to penetrate the adhesive and result in problems down the road.
So, you see, it’s really not about the glass! Trust Elite Auto Glass when you want it done right. The first time!